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In addition to the strong influence of your Personal Year Cycle, the rhythms of life also fluctuate with your age. Each time you gain a year you move along your cycle – For instance when you are 30 you are influenced by the number Three, and when you are 31 you move on to the influence of Four, and so forth. This can be considered alongside your personal year cycle. 

This may seem complicated at first, but then life is complex, and no single number is going to be the sole influence on you at any one time. It may help to write down the qualities and lessons of any numbers that particularly affects you, or which really strikes a chord, so you can concentrate on developing the positive traits, always follow your intuition and use what feels helpful.

In addition, your nine year cycle give a very strong background influence, which colors your lief  experience and understating them can be helpful, making easier to put life trends into context. Growing older is often thought of in negative ways, but numerology also highlights the positive qualities of any age, and these can be developed.

First 9 Years Cycle, Age 0-9

You are influenced by One, and your individuality is forming. You are learning who you are and how and when it is appropriate to assert yourself. Through this nine-year cycle your experience each of the numbers at their purest. 

Until the age of one, a baby is fused with its mother and through her with the collective of humanity. Still ‘thralling clouds of glory’ the little one has traces of the infinite, represented by Zero. Around the age of one, the infant learns to walk and to strike off on their own. Around the age of two, relationships with others are formed and the child becomes more conscious of ‘me’ and ‘not me’ – this can cause crisis, as in the ‘terrible twos’. At three, you learn to be creative, and play becomes more dynamic, inventive and fun-filled. From the ago of four the challenges of school come as more demands are made on you and you have to cope with the ‘real’ world, outside home. 

At age five, communications and education are gaining momentum, and you learn to read and write. At age six, the physical cycles of learning are complete – you probably become more sociable, able to help around the home and to be an active family member. Age seven is regarded by some religions as the ‘ the age of reason’ when you can know right from wrong – basically this means that you can think and reason now. Childhood fantasy may be left behind or if you have been encouraged, your intuitions will become clearer. At eight, you meet the challenges of the world more squarely, deciding on your ambitions and consolidating your views of life. Nice marks the last year of the first cycle, with an evaluation of knowledge and a letting go, before moving on to the second cycle, with its accompanying change of perspective. 

Second 9 Years Cycle, Age 10-18

During the teen years, you are developing independence and energetically exploring your individuality. Under the influence of one, this can be a very lonely time, a you struggle with new feelings, believing you are the only one  experiencing them. You drive forward in life, maybe unsure of where you are going, but taking increasingly responsibility for yourself. This is , however, the second age cycle and the Two influence means that you experiment with relationships quite intensely. Numerology helps to explain all these strange new feelings and reassure you that things will change. When you reach the ago of 18, in many countries you will be deemed to be an ‘adult’.

Third 9 Years Cycle, Age 19-27

The overriding Two influence of these years sees you exploring relationships, breaking up, making up and developing a sense of what it means to be a couple. It is important now to learn to compromise. you will also form lasting friendships, for instance at university, as you are able to choose companions more freely and connect with kindred spirits. It is important to use this decade to do this, as it could be a long time before you experience this level of freedom again. Many people now form a committed relationship and/or get married, leaving the nest to express the Two energies by becoming nurturers in their own right. However, this is the third age cycle and the Three effect makes you very sociable, creative and eager for life. 

Fourth 9 Years Cycle, Age 28-36

Four looks for solid achievement and towards the end of your 20s you may experience  a crisis, as you evaluate what you have done and realize the world may be bigger than you thought. Keep your head -you have plenty of time. The Three influence in your 30s stimulates your creativity, and you need to express yourself more widely. Career changes are likely and relationships that were motivated largely by the need to be a couple may now end. If they cannot adapt to your evolving personality – if the relationship is not right, move on. 

Fifth 9 Years Cycle, Age 37-45

This is the classic era of the ‘mid-life crisis’, which occurs around the age of 40. The Four influence brings you to look at exactly what you have achieved, and for many people this is not enough. There may be a rather panicky feeling as you strive to do all sorts of things, but you should stay calm. You have more time than you think. During your 40s you want consolidation, but this is your fifth cycle and Five is the vibration of change. 

Sixth 9 Years Cycle, Age 46-54

If you have children, your family will now be a dynamic entity. Grandchildren may be born. you may also become more involved in the community. Your parents will be approaching the age at with they need looking after. Consolidation is around, in the lingering Four effect, and with your 50s Five brings change into a dynamic new perspective. You may now have more time to communicate with old friends and to begin new activities – you want fresh stimulation, as you may have more freedom, you should embrace this and make “use it or lose it’ your motto. 

Seventh 9 Years Cycle, Age 55-63

As you move towards your 60s, extended family becomes more important. Older relative may die, and those remaining may draw closer. Home and neighbors figure more strongly as you think about retirement. The seven influence brings increasing wisdom and reflection, but 60 is now the ‘new 40’, and Six effect strengthen a wish to retain youth and beauty, and could result in cosmetic surgery, fitness classes and so on. You may also want to improve your home and/or garden, or maybe learn something artistic such as painting or sculpture. Nurturing yourself is key. 

Eighth 9 Years Cycle, Age 64-72

If you have now retired, fresh goals will be especially motivating and you may feel influential and determined, with the Eight influence. Moving into your 70s also intensifies the wisdom and analysis of Seven. You may feel there is much you just ‘know’, and no one is going to fool you. keep your mind sharp by re-educating yourself. If you draw on the balance and harmony of the lingering Six element, to look after your health, you will be a force to be reckoned with. 

Ninth 9 Years Cycle, Age 73-81

This is a culmination, and with the deep seeing quality of Seven and the wide experience of Nine you should be wise and mellow, able to give sound advice from your experience. Avoid being self-righteous (Nine) or remote (Seven). there is no need to settle into your rocking chair – the up-and coming Eight influence means you need a challenge and can wield a lot of power. 

Tenth 9 Years Cycle, Age 82-90

As a matriarch or patriarch, the Eight effect gives your plenty for authority which you  should use constructively. Don’t tyrannize younger relatives or make them feel guilty – use your experience and wisdom to support and encourage. the return of the One influence may signal a second childhood, but equally it can mean increased Independence of mind. this may be a decade of increasing loneliness and contemporaries die, but the lesson is to relate more to younger people. 

Eleventh 9 Years Cycle, Age 91-99

There may be little left to experience as the strong Nine element bring a wide perspective and you may feel very in touch with the whole of humanity and the richness of human experience. Your own youth may seem to have been only yesterday, as you realize that so many things are so closely linked, and our lives are just a blink of an eye in the face of eternity. You will now command respect -live up to this. The Eleven/Two effect brings heighten sensitivity, so you will need peace and will be especially responsive and creative in the field of the arts. 

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