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The Telephone number is important to your life and identity, because it is a number that you are giving out all the time. People continually use it to get in contact with you, so subconsciously associating it with you. often your number will be memorized, and reeled off in connection with you. If you don’t feel in harmony with your number or find that you are not getting the calls you want, it could be worth considering changing it on purpose. 

How to Calculate?
There are several numbers that may be associated with you. Your mobile phone number is probably the most important. You arrive at it the same way as all other numerology formulas – by adding the digits and reducing to a single digit. However, notice also the individual digit cause it one of them repeats several times it can color the final number.

Another is your fixed line number,. Again , add the digits until they reduce,. For out for area calls, include your dialing code – this may bring in a different influence.

if you work in an office, your extension number is important -take that on its own and add the digits as usual, until they reduce. your extension number shows how you are regarded and how you function withing the organization. 

You probably find that you are left on your own to handle things for much for the time. where is the help when you need it? Of course, it may suit you to work alone, especially if 1 is also your life path or personality number. If this is your extension number, make sure that you don’t take on too much, and cover your back. if it is your home or mobile number, you may receive demanding calls, or one-sided calls. it could be good for getting your point over, but not ideal for expansive social chatting. 

You are probably always being asked for advice. People see you as the one who swill sort things out and you may find that you say ‘yes’ without really meaning to at times. If it is your extension number, be careful that not too much is expected of you – you cannot be a solution to everyone’s problems. If it is your home or mobile number, expect heart -to – hearts and a massive bill. 

Getting involved in jokes and banter is easy – this is a good number for sales and anything creative. However, it might be hard to get things straight and after a great conversation you may find you come off the phone with very little settled. Remember that the ‘feel-good factor’ is not everything, especially if it is your extension at work. As a home or mobile number it brings lots of fun and dates. 

If this is your extension, practical solutions are key – it will be hard to fob people off without a direct answer and you may feel that you are always being pinned down. it is very important to say what you mean and always keep your commitments. As a home or mobile number, this favors getting things straight, making arrangements, and so on, but not chit-chat. 

Arguments are possible with this number, but if you can keep your cool you can certainly get results. you may find that you or your callers get impatient, so keep to the point. Ideas may come down the line thick and fast, so make sure you make notes before they leave your head. If it is your extension number, you will have to think on your feet. As a home or mobile number , it brings lots of repartee, and it great for anything journalistic, or to keep in contact with a wide circle. 

This is a good number for creativity and for  soothing any caller who is stressed. But you may be tempted to call home a lot if this is your extension number. Long, pleasant chats are likely with a wealth of descriptions and gossip, but it may be hard to bring things to a conclusion or reach decisions. you may find you get involved in community work, or a telephone tree. 

This is not a talkative number, and for some reason which you cannot explain you may feel reluctant to answer the phone at all. Misunderstandings are likely and you may not be able to hear properly. Don’t be afraid to ask callers to repeat what they have said so you get it right, especially if there is your extension number,. If you are investigating something, this number is favorable, and you may get strong intuitions while on the line. 

This is a great number if you are the boss. You may find that you come across as quite authoritative with this extension, always doing the organizing and saying who goes where. You are probably still on the line when everyone has left the office,- don’t work too hard. If this is your home or mobile number, you will probably sound important and a force to be reckoned with, so use this well and be firm but also polite. 

If you are calling on this extension number, if may be hard to keep to the point. it is all too easy to go off at a tangent. you will get some fantastic ideas from your callers, but they may not be the ones you were looking fro. This is a great number, however, if you are arranging trips and holidays, you may find you are giving out important information, or that your hear things that really change your lief. A superficial chat with a colleague could easily become a deep philosophical discussion when made on this number.

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