Power of Numbers

To the material scientist, numbers are merely symbols of comparative quantity. To the metaphysical scientist, or numerologist, numbers assume a more profound significance. They represent aspects of what it is to be human. In numerology, all numbers develop from and are connected to the absolute number, 1, for this number represents the expression of the ego, without which human life is expressionless and would cease to exist.

To truly understand numerology, we must first know the essential metaphysical meaning of the numbers as based on the original arcane meanings taught 2,500 years ago by Pythagoras.

In numerology, a common rule of thumb you’re going to encounter is: continue adding numbers together until you get a single digit number between 1 and 9.

For example: 3421 would be 3+4+2+1 = 10

1+0 = 1

Click the Individual numbers and explore what is the meaning of it.


Zero is eternity  unbounded and endless, and it is also nothingness. Its glyph, the circle, suggests infinity, for the circle has no beginning and no end. However, it also conveys restriction – Being ‘ encircled’ leaves no room for choice or movement. Zero can also mean destruction, as in being reduced to nothingness. So Zero is a paradox. It refers to the unimaginably tiny, the atom with its circulating electrons, and the utterly boundless, which is the universe, all possible universe and the unknowable beyond.


One relates to beginning, potentials and initiative. It is the first step into the pregnant void, where all may be possible yet nothing has yet taken form. One brings with it courage, energy and positivity, although it carries the impetus towards actualization, it is not so much about concrete achievement as the creation of opportunity. it is left to other numbers to flesh things out and earth them. One is the flash of inspiration, the pure urge to action.


After the impetus of One comes the balance of Two. No creation has form until it is observed, no action has effect until there is a reaction. In essence, Two represents the first stirrings of self-awareness, and the awareness of the Others as a reality. Two is about relationships, about becoming truly conscious of something that is apart from oneself, about seeing contrasts and creating the equilibrium.


With Number Three we take a creative step towards teh generation of new form. Three takes us from the single-dimensional realms of the point (One) and the line (Two) into the two-dimensional  form of the triangle. Three relates to mother, father and child. Many important concepts arrange themselves into three elements: past, present and future; the three dimensions of space; force, matter and consciousness.


With this number we enter the solid realms of the dimensions: Length, Breath, Height and Time. Four relates to the ancient elements of Earth, Fire, Air and Water, and to the four states of matter: Solid, liquid, gaseous and aflame. This is the number of stability, for tables and chairs need four legs to be steady. 


Number Five takes us beyond the material plane and into the ‘Happening’ realms of mind and spirit. In the Western esoteric tradition, Five relates to the ‘Fifth’ elements, energizing, connecting and going further. This symbolized by the pentagram or five-pointed star, which is a potent magical symbol. 


Six is the completion of the second cycle of three energies, bringing us to a point of fulfillment and consummation. Four build, and Five explored the structure that was created. Now Six wants to showoff that structure, rebelling in its attractiveness and comfort. Beauty, harmony and a sense of balance are vital. The sense of community of six is deeply enriching.


Seven lifts us to fresh level of understanding. The balance of Six takes on a new component, searching for completion; with Seven the natural begins to return to the spiritual, as the spiral of Six winds towards its source. There are seven days of the week, seven ages of Man, seven notes in the musical scale and seven colors in the visible spectrum.


In some senses the number Eight has a dual meaning. On the one hand, it is the number of material power and success, made up as it is the doubling of the highly practical Four. On the other hand, it follows Seven, which signifies the completion of experience in this world -so Eight potentially leads on to a new level. 


Nine is a number of completion and transition. The first set of numbers has come to a culmination and there is both fulfillment and dissolution, as preparation is mad for passage through the eye of infinity, Zero, before reemerging into a new cycle. There, the number of generation, has now been repeated three times -creation is complete.

Master Numbers

Although the nine basic ‘types’ from One to Nine are of paramount importance, there are certain numbers that are considered to be Master numbers. These numbers are 11, 22, 33, and 44. Any double-digit number may be considered a Master number, but meanings become extremely refined. Besides, after 44 the digits have to be added more than once to reduced to a single digit -e.g 55=5+5=10, 1+0=1. For practical purposes, only 11 and 22 are very important, because the days of the month only go up to 31, making it impossible to have 55 as a personality Number. 

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