Personal Year 9

Transformation, Completion, Endings

Hopefully you feel you consolidated a few things last year, because in your personal Year 9, it may be harder to focus. It is not that you feel confused, exactly, but some matters that appeared very urgent will now seem to lose their intensity. You may wonder why you wanted what you thought you wanted, and it may seem as if you are searching, but you are not sure for what. The worst thing you could do would be to force the issue. 

Try to be patient with yourself – what you need right now is an open mind and the wiliness to change if and when that seems right. To ‘hold the uncertainty’ is your mission this year, and to have faith that you will find a new direction.

Some things will come to an end, and these may be things you value and/or thought would be with you for ever. Wave them goodbye and move on – if they go they were never yours anyway. Any person or thing that truly belongs with you will remain, and you may come to see them from a new and more vital perspective. Your life is going through a transformation, and in some respects a breaking down, in preparation for the new build-up that will commence with your forthcoming one cycle. You may feel in limbo – some affairs that you thought were settled may drag on, and no matter what you do you cannot bring them to a conclusion . For instance, you may have decided to move in with a new partner but for some reason you cannot sell your house, or a new job may have been promised but the post is not actually vacant. Don’t despair or run away with the idea that ‘it was not meant to be’. Probably everything will work out fine but, whether you realize this is not, these delays are teaching you something and giving you the opportunity for reflection. Try t take each day as it comes, live for the present and relax.

As the year progresses, realizations may dawn on you and you may become wiser or more knowledgeable. A few things may fall into place; for instance, some events in the past that seemed random in nature could now form a pattern. You may be drawn to a religion or spiritual discipline. Certainly if will be a good thing if you develop your spirituality or your thoughts  about the place of humanity in the Universe.

You may also find yourself involved in doing good works, possibly for your local community or for a charity. Something more radical may appeal, and if you feel your life in general is not adding up to much you may decide to live abroad, travel the world and/or get involved with ethnic causes. The spirit of this is distinct from the enterprise and decisiveness that might be behind such a venture in an 1 year ; during a 9 year you are searching exploring and letting go. You may even’let go ‘ literally and go off to join a commune, sell up and take to the road in a caravan, or join a monastery. Seclusion will definitely benefit you and you should try to get to know yourself better., and change any psychological patterns that are not helping you. 

During your 9 personal year, you may have a certain world-weary air, and it may seem as if nothing really inspires you. Don’t panic – this will come back. However, other people may view you as having an aura of experience and wisdom, and you may find that they come to you for advise and hep. There may be a temptation to give away too much now, so be careful and don’t fall for hard-luck stories. it is fine to give the benefit f your knowledge, but be a ware that advice is a dangerous gift, even from the wise to the wise’ (J R R Tolkien, lord of the Rings). what you say now could come back to haunt you later, and what does not seem to matter very much could become crucial. The greatest wisdom of all could be to support and encourage friends on their own path and keep personal opinions to yourself.

Inspiration can come to you during this year. If you are involved in anything creative and artistic, a new light may dawn and you may find you are doing amazing work. This could be because you have become detached from concerns like profit or conformity. However, during you 9 year you will like to make an impression. You will be uplifted by the respect you receive, and this will carry you forward into an exciting fresh start. 


Things to Do

  • Travel as widely as you can, soaking up experience
  • If you cannot travel physically, be an ‘armchair traveler’
  • Explore and develop your spirituality
  • Become involved in a charity
  • Express yourself artistically in as crazy a fashion as you like
  • Embark on a ‘self-help’ program, through reading with a trained life coach or in an encounter group
  • Think about what is now serving you positively; don’t struggle to hold on – be brave and let it go
  • Start writing a novel, or at least write down your thoughts for they are likely to be profound
  • Deepen your education – be curious
  • Seize the day

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