Personal Year 8

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After the uncertainties and introspection of last year, your personal year 8 feels more dynamic, there may be a sensation of getting caught up in things that are out of your control and certainly you should ‘go with the  flow’. This does not mean that you will be totally powerless. The trick is to understand the prevailing trends and to work with them. 

Choose your battles – some are not worth fighting and some you cannot win, It will be much better to be realistic and to turn things to your advantage rather than try to stop the inevitable. pragmatism will put you in a strong position, but if you insist on your own way, no matter what, you could suffer badly. 

Don’t be supervised if issues from the past that you thought were dead and buried resurface in a slightly different form. There may be a feeling of ‘Karma’, and you may have lessons to learn them, however, the quicker you will be able to move on. This does not all have to be challenging. Eight is not the easiest vibration, but it does bring some huge rewards. 

If you have some large-scale schemes, your 8 year can be the time to put them into practice. You should have sorted out the groundwork during your 7 year, and you know who you are and where you stand. There is a danger that you could over-commit, so remember that there are only 24 hours in a day. This is a year for hard work and considerable achievement, but if you over stretch yourself you risk losing everything and that is one lesson you could do without. Avoid getting into debt, and be careful about relying on others. You will probably be reticent in this respect, but someone who is a clever talker and promises some fantastic business opportunity could get past your defenses. You need a challenge and something major to go after, so something in you may want o believe there is a promising opening. Don’t suspend disbelief because you are impatient to get to grips with something new; you should have fine-tuned your intuition during your year 7, so don’t forget to listen to it. 

Power will be a factor during your 8 year. You may have to cope with bullying or with some person or organization that wants to control you. You may have to think carefully about what is going on because it may not be obvious, and if this is the case it could be difficult for you to regain mastery without appearing to be bossy yourself. You may need to be cunning, but whatever the case it is important that you are master of your own destiny; it may be better to take the chance of appearing uncooperative or controlling yourself rather than risk becoming a puppet, which would be a very sad expression of the potential of you 8 year. 

If you are in a relationship, you may now chose to start a venture together. Having come through some soul-searching last year, you should now be able to move forward and accomplish things. You may have to sort out who controls what, and there may be power struggles and manipulation, but you can work through these. this is a good year to start a business, either in partnership or alone, and there is the potential for making a great deal of money, if you remain sensible.

You can enhance your status this year, and you may want to show this off. by all means indulge yourself in a few status symbols – you will enjoy it along as you really can afford it. If funds are tight, you can still make an impression if you clever; for instance, you could scour the charity shops for designer label,. However, you will feel much better if there is substance behind the impression you are creating, and you will get a huge thrill if you pass a test, such as your driving test, or achieve promotion,. This year you should try tor any promotion that appeals and make sure you always look your best, because you never know when it will be your turn in the spotlight. At the end of this year, with a lot of graft, a little luck and a good measure of common sense, you should be in a better position financially and materially than you were before. 

Things to Do

  • Start a business
  • Put maximum effort into something that inspires you
  • Apply for promotion
  • Always look your best and make a good impression
  • Cultivate influential people, but be sincere
  • Invest in status symbols that are within your means
  • Put in for a test or exam
  • Train in a skill that is applicable to your business or creative venture. 

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