Personal Year 7

Introspection, Personal and Spiritual Growth

Last year you may have been awash with emotion. In your personal year 7, you will probably question everything you feel, and that everyone else feels too. Changes are going on within you now, and you may not feel comfortable about what you perceive. However, it is very important that you are honest with yourself, because unless things come to the surface they cannot transform, and you could then be motivated by unconscious promptings that are not in your best interests. 

This would be a good year to go into deep psychotherapy, if that interests you. You should take note of your dreams and also trust your gut instincts. Yes, intuition can be wrong, but so can logic. the more you trust your inner promptings, the stronger they will grow. You may like to develop your psychic abilities through Tarot, astrology, numerology or similar, or you may like to attend a seance, or study to be a medium yourself. Now is the time to step far out of your comfort  zone, and have the courage to explore new territory. 

Relationships are started or were cemented last year, may now go through a testing period. Possibly you may question your choice and you may even wonder if you want a relationship at all. You may watch your partner closely, and even become suspicious – make sure you keep this in perspective. You must be careful to keep things in proportion – being patient, give things time and don’t ear your heart on your sleeve. However, don’t expect people to ready your mind. You need to explain yourself and if you are not quite sure what is going on inside you, at least say that. For instance, if you sometimes doubt your love for your partner, it would be asking for trouble to say ‘ i’m not sure I really love you’, but it would also be a mistake to be moody and silent. It would be far better to explain that you are going through a confusing time and need to sort yourself out. Make sure that you have plenty of personal space; time on your own is essential and you should explain this your partner. 

You will now be evaluating what you have done during the last seven years, and you will almost certainly find something to criticize. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

Now you are searching for a deeper understanding and the person you are in the present is a product of all the lessons you have learned – nothing has been a waste of time. You may feel anxious about a lot off things; some of these will be real and others imaginary. The most important thing is that you understand the difference. Grasp the nettle and change the things that can be changed. As for the others, you must now learn to use your imagination positively. You may begin to find that your thoughts manifest, and what you see in your mind’s eye actually comes about. Don’t be scared. If you concentrate on what you want and really visualize it coming into your life, it can happen. If you master this trick of creative thinking, this could be one of your most successful years to date. 

Skeletons could tumble out of cupboards this year. For instance, a family secret about a legacy or someone’s true parentage might be revealed. There may be some shocks, but their impact is likely to be felt more on your perception of reality, rather than in practical terms. Make sure you don’t exaggerate information and events. This year may teach you that change is the only constant. The more things change, the more they remain the same. and it could be a comfort to remember this, be prepared to shift your priorities – many things don’t matter nearly as much as people think they do, and this year may prove this to you. 

You may feel very conscious of what you don’t know, so do something about it. If possible go back to college, study through distance learning or sign up for an evening class. Knowledge for tits own sake is key., rather than mastering a new skill, but follow what apearls. you may have an urge to change your lifestyle – for instance, if you have always been quite formal and restrained, you may now want a more alternative image. you could feel like selling up tan hitting the road in a caravan. Consider anything, but do nothing on impulse. It will take a while to find out where your true future lies.

Focusing your imagination and talents is a great way to use in year 7. 

Things to Do

  • Start a course and furthur your education
  • Develop your intuition in any way that appeals
  • Take note of your dreams
  • Investigate your family tree
  • Work at understanding yourself more deeply
  • Meditate, and have time alone
  • Learn to focus your imagination on what you want – hypnotherapy may help with this
  • Change your image if something different appeals
  • Question your life and your prioritizes, but avoid sudden decisions and dramatic actions. 

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