Personal Year 6

Love, Family, Domestic Responsibility

After the ups and downs of your personal year 5, you may feel that you deserve some rest and relaxation. Indeed this may come in your personal year 6, but you will only be able to benefit truly if you are on an even keel emotionally. This may be hard to achieve during a 6 year, because you will be very aware of anything that is not harmonious and balanced, and you may be hypersensitive. 

Your year 6 can be productive and fulfilling, peace is essential for you in this year.

Whatever may not be quite right in your relationships or in your extended family is now likely to become an issue. At worst, you may become very upset about this, but at least it promises some measure of solution, as issues come out into the open and can be resolved. You may wear your heart on your sleeve this year, but that is no bad thing. People have to know how you feel – otherwise how can they take it into consideration?

This could be a year of passion and tantrums, as you try to make your significant relationships as close to perfect as possible. People being what they are, this is bound to cause you some traumas, but you can tease out the issues and make some significant changes. A relationship that really is not satisfying you may now have to go because you need to be able to seek something better. However, the opposite is also possible. You may resolutely put your blinkers on and insist that everything is fine when everyone else can see that it is not. You may also glamorize your involvements turning them into a kind of fantasy. For instance, your lover might be selfish and demanding but you could attribute that to overwhelming passion. or you could see yourself as the princess who has been rescued by the knight in shining armour, when what has really happened is that you have surrendered control of your life. Get back to reality. This year offers you a great opportunity to find fulfillment and true romance, but not if you fool yourself. 

Family matters are likely to predominate this year. A close relative may be ill and needing your care; or there may be important events such as engagements, weddings and births. Funerals are also possible, and while these may be sad they will also offer opportunities to meet up again with old friends and distant family members, and your sense of being part of community will be strengthened and enriched.

The ‘global family’ may also preoccupy you, and you may be quite worried about things you hear on the news. There may be an impulse to ‘mother the world’ or you may be especially concerned about world events that could impinge upon your nearest and dearest. Try not be anxious. There really is no point worrying about things you cannot control, and you are doing more good than you realize by thinking positively and spreading love and compassion. You may possibly become involved in local concerns such as ‘ neighborhood watch’ or a local charity that takes meals to old people or cares for bereaved children. you will gain considerable fulfilment from something like this and you will also enjoy it in a less noble fashion because you will be the first with all the gossip. there is no harm having some fun but don’t be a busybody or tell tales because you will feel awful if you are found out, and it could have far-reaching consequences. 

This year you need to be careful not to over-commit. If you are in business you will need to be careful that your better nature is not exploited. You may find it especially hard to say no to anyone needy, but if you don’t maintain sensible boundaries you could run yourself ragged and be little good to anyone., especially yourself. this could then lead to compensatory behavior that won’t enhance your well-being, such as comfort eating, ‘retail therapy’ or even something more extreme such as turning to alcohol or drugs. 

Ask yourself what there is in your life that you would like to make more beautiful. This year you should concentrate on something , artistic, and by the end of your 6 year there should be something in our life that will give you abiding pleasure. Develop you creativity and make sure that you have regular times when you can be peaceful and serene, If you spend a half an hour a day listening to calming music or meditating, this will help you return to your center and reemerge into the world ready to bring to it and your self, greater blessings. 


Things to Do

  • Tackle practical projects that will make your home more attractive
  • Holding family celebrations and reunions
  • Develop your skills as a cook or gardener
  • Get in the habit of listening to music, or something similar each day
  • Face family issues – family therapy may be an option
  • Seek romance – if you are single, try singles’ clubs and holidays, or speed dating; if in a relationship, make time for candlelit dinners
  • Get involved in a local charity or project and / or get closer to your neighbours
  • Have cosmetic surgery or a complte makrover
  • Look up lost relatives and old schoolfriends

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