Personal Year 5

Adventure, Progress, Movement, Change

As your Personal Year 5 gains momentum, you  will find that obstacles disappear and the pace speeds up. You may be bombarded by messages and offers and there will be lots of journeys to take. Most of these will be short, but a longer trip far afield is possible. You can now appreciate all the efforts you made during your 4 year, waving a happy goodbye to anything that did not work out. All that may now seem irrelevant, as your priorities change and your horizons widen. 

If your 4 year did not offer your very much to build on, you may cut your losses and break free. This may be all very well, but remember that, while it might feel good to enjoy yourself for a while, sooner or later you will have to face up to responsibility again. This cycle is certainly about taking a few chances, but not about losing sight of reality. 

You may find that inspiring ideas come thick and fast. The challenge may be to pick which ones to develop. One of the worst things that could happen this year is that you procrastinate, flirting with this and that and not giving anything a chance to take root. Most of what pops into your mind will have potential and almost anything you explore will take you somewhere worthwhile, so take the plunge. 

Communication is paramount this year. You may hear a few home truths, but you will quite quickly find these liberating. if you have been suppressing thoughts and feelings for practical purposes, it is likely that everything will spill out now. this could appear temporarily destructive., but very soon you will be moving on and wondering why on earth you put up with so much for so long. Any relationship that has become a burden is unlikely to survive your 5 year. New relationship are likely, but you will probably find it hard to stay faithful and it may be much better to wait until your 6 personal year to tie the knot. A good relationship can now become more exciting as you explore new things together, and you should actively seek to put more impetus into it. 

In business, the time is auspicious to take a few risks, but never bet more than you can afford to lose. You should not be too impulsive either – first thoughts are often best, but listen to advice also. You can inject new life into tired ventures because you are thinking unconventionally. you will also be very resourceful – if things don’t go as planned, keep your head and you will soon find a way out. Your 4 personal year is a good time to go back to school – your receptive brain will be able to learn new approaches. 

This is a year full of changes. Just when you think you have got it sussed, something tips the board and the pieces are all over the place again. This year is teaching you to adapt and be flexible. However much the goalposts move, you can score, as long as you trust to your own reactions. Everything around you may be going crazy, but your 5 year enables you to find that creative center within and when all else is unreliable you still can depend on yourself.

Although you may set several things in motion, this may not be a year to commit; that will come later when you have the measure of what is possible. Be an opportunist – don’t yearn for the ‘good old days’ or try to fit anything or anyone into an old format, even if you don’t quite understand what is happening, don’t panic. Keep your sense of humor and take things lightly.

Personal year 5 can be stressful – you may feel wired and tense, with a hundred balls in the air, and in the worst cases 5 year bring you to the verge of a breakdown as it all ‘ gets too much’. But that is just a matter of how you are looking at things, and the lesson of 5 is that ‘ this too shall pass’. Not that you will be in a rush to complete your 5 year – the time may seem to fly by , as you are having so much fun and so many new experiences. this could all be very tiring, so , while it may be hard to relax, make sure you play as hard as you work. You could look back on this year a a memorable one, when you really know what it meant to be alive. 

Things to Do

  • Try something new – small things daily, bigger things weekly or monthly, and one or two major new things in the year
  • Write a novel, poetry or a blog
  • Keep a journal or travelogue
  • Make sure you have a well-organized address book
  • Keep your mobile phone to hand and consider having a back up phone in case things go wrong, because you will need to be contactable
  • Build a website and/or extend your activity on social networking websites
  • Visit places you have never been to
  • Speak your mind on important matters
  • Start a short course or learn a new skill

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