Personal Year 4

Order, Effort, Building, Planning

Your life can go in one of two principal ways during your Personal Year 4. If you have used the opportunities of your personal year 3 to express your abilities, your 4 year will give you the chance to consolidate thees. True, you may find there are some projects that don’t work as well as you hoped, and some may have to be scrapped altogether.

There maybe hitches and drawbacks, but in general the things that are right for you will endure and take on a more solid foundation. This will ultimately bring you some satisfaction. if, however, you have spent your 3 year partying, your 4 year will bring you up with a jolt as you have to confront the results of your actions – or inaction.

Four is all about building something that lasts. We all know that foundations have to be laid at the basis of any structure, and that can involve lots of digging and dirty work before anything starts to show. Frustrations are bound to be an issue during a 4 year. You may feel boxed in at all sides, bedeviled by details and continually battling with negatives. Past thoughtlessness may come back to haunt you. What you need is patience, because you will win through in the end. While you may wish you could have done more, what you do will stand the test of time. 

4 can seem a very negative year if you don’t have very much to build on, or if you have wasted your resources. For instance, if you have got into debt, this could become a major issue with a 4 year. You cannot leave those bills under the doormat – somehow you are going to have to deal with the realities of the situation. It may seem as if there is no way out, and you may feel panicky, but actually if you grapple with matters, rather than trying to run away, you will eventually feel very pleased with what you have done and things will become more manageable. So if life has not been treating you well, or if you have been kidding yourself and others about what you have and do, the 4 may seem like the last straw. “Everything’s going wrong!” you may mutter to yourself, but really it is not quite like that. Four will help you confront exactly what is amiss. if not much is right, it is better to go forward knowing where you stand rather than nurturing false hopes. By firmly pointing you in the direction of what is actually possible. 4 can be your friend.

If you start a relationship in a 4 year, it may be one that takes you to your diamond jubilee, but it is likely to be a ‘slow burn’ rather than ‘bells and rockets’. You will have to sort out issues concerning money and where you live sooner rather than later and there may be practical obstacles to overcome, such as distance, working different shifts or other obligations. If you are in a relationship that is not working, now may be the time to tackle a separation or divorce, along with maintenance payments and who is responsible for what. 4 is not bad for relationships – far from it. it is just that it firmly removes the rose-tinted spectacles and insists that you work with the practicalities. 

In business, 4 is a time to consolidate. Borrowing should be limited, and you will probably find what expansion is slow. If, however, your business is built on solid foundations, this can be an achieving year, where your assets grow. This may not be a great year to start a venture, but working out the nuts and bolts in preparation for your sparky 5 cycle is worth doing. 

During your 4 year, you will probably take on greater responsibility. For instance, you may set up home on your own, start providing for children or work hard  to keep something you started afloat. You may find what you have taken on too much, and however hard you try you cannot get it right. The lesson here to learn is that you have indeed bitten off more than you can chew. Do your best and learn from your mistakes, so that you don’t repeat them. If life is getting you down, you have let your problems overwhelm you, and in fact you are not being realistic. Remember all the good things that have happened to you and are happening to others, everyday, everywhere. Take your first step towards that next goal. 

Things to Do

  • Cut back on any unnecessary expenditure of time or money 
  • Deal with ‘red tape’ and administration with patience and thoroughness
  • Face up to anything unpleasant you have been avoiding
  • Build strong foundations for your ventures
  • Sort out your finances
  • Develop a workable routine in your personal and professional life
  • Avoid making yourself responsible for things that you cannot control, such as the environment – you have enough ton your plate
  • Organize your home and workstation
  • Make sure you eat well, sleep well and get enough rest and relation

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