Personal Year 3

Socialization, Self-expression, Communication, Creativity

Having resolved some of the doubts and dilemmas in your Personal Year 2, your Personal Year 3 sees you going from strength to strength. Creativity is the order of the day and any skills and talents you have should reach their finest expression. If you have assumed that you are just another average person, your personal year 3 will show you how you can shine and be unique. 

This is a time for achievement. You may not be forging ahead in the way you did during your Personal Year 1, but you will probably get more done and feel more satisfied. Having ‘Slain your dragons’, you can now explore your potential, and this should be a joyful and happy time. You will find your sense of humor is at its maximum, and that for some reason you are lucky, finding yourself in the right place at the right time. Some thing may fall into your lap, but your good fortune is coming mostly from the fact that you are open and relaxed. This makes you more observant. It also makes you more playful – a keynote of the personal year 3 – and when we play we tend to discover things about ourselves and the world that can be amazing. 

So is it all good news during a personal year 3? it is true that serendipity is smiling, but don’t take things for granted. It could be all too easy to assume that life is a bowl of cherries and you will be able to pick them whenever you want, “tomorrow’ could be your motto, as you avoid anything unpleasant or demanding and simply have a great time.

Enjoying yourself does have a value because you will recharge your batteries and fell inspired. However, like it or not, things will not always be this pleasant. Opportunities will not always be there for you whenever you can be bothered to take them. During a personal year 3, it is very important to make the most of your assets and opportunities, or at the end of it you could be left out in the cold, not having exploited your gifts, and this could bring you a feeling of intense loss. 

During your personal year 3, you will create somthing new in your lief. This could be a literal child, or it could be a ‘brain child’. it might be a painting, poetry or something practical like a garment or lots of cooking. The possibilities are endless. What you will want to do, and probably be very able to do, is make something that is outside yourself. When you look at it, you may wonder how on earth something so fabulous actually originated from you. In your personal year 3, you can be a channel for new life of some description. 

If something in life has been holding you back, it may be blasted out of the way during you personal year 3. Self-expression cannot be halted now; if you have been putting up with things that are bugging you, the equilibrium may be upset as you speak your mind. However, this is unlikely to prove traumatic because you probably just cannot quite manage to make a drama out of a crisis. A personal year 3 is not wall-to-wall laughs – in fact, if you ahve a vision of what you want to accomplish, you will be focused and intense. But it will now be hard to take things quite as seriuosly as you might at other times and , if your personality contains more ‘heavy’ numbers such as 4 or 8, your personal year 3 will provide a welcome respite. Make notes on how you feel, keep a scrapbook and take photographs; then you will have plenty to remind you of what is is like to be  light-hearted, so you can recreate it. 

Do enjoy yourself this year. Is there something you have always wanted to experience? Maybe you long to ride in a hot-air balloon, take a luxury train ride or see shows, exhibitions or spectacles. Now is the time to follow your heart and have a ball – what have you got to lose? ‘ Life is too short’ may be one of your favorite phrases now, even though you may feel immortal. Miss no opportunities and remember that is is usually far better to regret what you have done than what you haven’t done. Three is a year to say yes to life.

Things to Do

  • Develop a skill or talent
  • Seek out as many opportunities as you can to have a laugh
  • Build playtime into your schedule – this is a great year for a major celebration
  • Follow up all opportunities
  • Start a family
  • Create something that you and others admire
  • Enjoy works of art, music and shows
  • Follow the line of least resistance sometimes, and see where it leads
  • Do some things you have always wanted to do 

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