Personal Year 2

Patience, Relationships, Balance, Emotions

Your Personal Year 2 is about you and the “Other”. this may be someone with whom you are in a relationship, but it may just as well be you and your achievements and your vision of yourself. While last year, during your Personal Year 1, you were forging a path, now it is time to take a long, hard look at what you are doing, and be objective. you may have to sort out the details arising from decisions you have taken.

It is important to do a little self-analysis, but be careful not to become over-critical of yourself. One of the greatest dangers of this year is that you cloud go into a negative spiral and virtually undo all that you created last year -don’t do it. It is natural to be somewhat less positive and dynamic now, but be constructive.

Personal Year 2 is about finding balance. So you may need to consider whether the time you spend at work is offset by your leisure hours, whether you think ads much of others as you do of yourself, whether your material concerns are equaled by your spiritual interests, and so on.

During a 2 year, everything has a counterpart, and you may feel you are continually faced with choices. You may feel frozen to the spot at times, dithering between a pair of equally attractive (or unattractive) alternatives until you feel quite dis-empowered. However, rest assured you are learning things about yourself and the world, and one of them may be the need for patience. Unless you are absolutely have to make a choice, try to avoid it, for at the moment you can see both sides too clearly for this to be easy. But don’t let things get to the point where someone else makes the decisions for you. Personal year 2 can make you passive and compliant. Being pleasant is one thing, but a pushover is quite another.

Compromise is key now and if you have been involved in disputes, or if your single-mindedness during your Personal Year 1 has damaged friendships, you can now build bridges. Look for common ground, for things that you can do together with someone else and for ways to earn respect through being helpful, supportive and understanding. Friends may start to gravitate towards you for tea and sympathy, and you will be able to draw on your experience to help them. It may sometimes feel a if you are achieving very little apart from pacifying others, but that can be deeply gratifying. 

However, Personal Year 2 sometimes signify conflict. If there is some person or organization that has become a thorn in your side, this may now turn into open warfare. During a 2 Year, it can be easy to get locked into a point of view that may have little true value. Don’t be stubborn. If you feel you are getting nowhere, ask someone you respect for their candid opinion. Sometimes it takes a wise third party to break the deadlock.

One of the nicest things about Personal Year 2 is the opportunity to make relationships with other people. These may be firm friendships, associations with colleagues and business partners or a meeting with your soulmate. You should be able to identify with the feelings and viewpoints of others, and this will make you attractive and magnetic. Deep inside, you are looking for someone to complement you, so it is possible that you will be drawn to someone who is opposite to you in many ways. Whatever the case, if you are looking for that special someone, you Personal Year 2 should bring you plenty of opportunities to couple up. However, don’t panic if you are on your own – Two years can magnify loneliness, but it does not have to last. 

By the end of your year 2, you should know yourself better and have formed at least one or two significant associations. Existing relationships should be on a better footing, with greater understanding between you.

Partnerships that are truly unworkable are likely to break completely during a year 2, as the problems between you become insurmountable. For marriage that has hit the rocks, Year 2 is likely to bring divorce, and the necessity for thrashing out who gets what and who does what. 

During your personal year 2, aim to be placid but not passive, analytical but not negative, practical but also flexible. At the completion of your year 2, you should have greater equilibrium in all aspects. 

Things to Do

  • Join a dating agency, if you are looking for love
  • Review your wok/leisure balance
  • Sort out problems in any relationship -consider couple counselling
  • Start joint projects or concentrate on activities that require a companion
  • where possible, make peace with people or issues that have been bugging you
  • Be very honest with yourself
  • Read the small print
  • Choose well whom or what you serve

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