Personal Year 1

New Beginnings, Action, Opportunity

During your Personal Year 1, you are likely to make new stars in all manner of respects. this may be in your career, education, relationship or home life. In fact you may take off in a fresh direction in several ares – if you don’t, the question is why not? The energies of 1 demand that you show your independence and originality, and maybe put your blinkers on, for this is not the time to be thinking too much about what other people expect from you (with obvious sensible exceptions).

If you don’t move forward, you can have the opposite circumstance of being very stuck; if this happens you will fell enormously frustrated to the point where it can affect your well-being. During a 1 Year, almost any movement will be better than no movement at all, even if it proves to be in the wrong direction. You can always change tack – and it is important to remind yourself of this during Personal Year 1, because something inside you may be telling you to stick to your guns. you should not stick to a course that is taking you nowhere – what you should stick to is your independence. Being able to tell the difference between stubbornness and free thinking is one of the keys to success in this year. Aim high during personal year 1.

A good way to start Personal Year 1 is to have a massive clear-out. You can begin with the basics, such as your messy cupboards and overloaded storage. This may not seem like much, but symbolically it is telling you that you are making way for the new. Then you can progress to bigger things that are not working for you, such as your wardrobe, care, home, job and relationships. Certainly, you don’t have to get rid of all these things – in fact anything that is right for you can now take on a new lease of life. But if the worn out and unworkable do not bite the dust now they will slow you down and may stymie you totally. Be Brave.

What have you been wanting to do for a long time? although it is best not to take too long mulling this over, don’t rush it. Some of your dreams may have been buried without trace through force of circumstance or lack of self-belief, and it is now time to resurrect the ones that could work for you. Avoid taking on too much. One is not a great year for multi-tasking, and while several projects may be on the go together, they should occupy different areas of your life – for instance, one major new career direction or one relationship.

Don’t expect to steam ahead, carrying all before you. During a personal year 1, there are bound to be some growing pains. This does not mean that you are on the wrong course; ” when the going gets tough, the tough get going’, and you are cutting a fresh pathway for yourself.

Doubts are common, emotional pain is likely, mental strain is almost inevitable – in fact, personal year 1 is amount the most stressful, so you must get your quota of rest and relaxation. Look at your nutrition and exercise, because you need to be strong and healthy for this year. You may feel quite impatient with other people – explain to them what is going on inside you so they understand and realize it won’t go on for ever. 

once you ahve gained some momentum (or before, if you feel sure) set yourself long-term goals, but also have short-term ones that you can reach quickly, to give you a sense of achievement. You don’t have to achieve all your goals this year; the ones that are right for you can be pursued for many years – you will just take a slightly different approach during other personal year cycles. 

if you reach the end of your Personal Year 1, have cleared the way , reached a few small goals and set in motion at least one larger one, you will have used the year to the best advantage. This is a really fabulous year for getting somewhere. 

Things to Do

  • Clear out possessions, jobs, relationships and so on that are past their best and /or not  working
  • Set clear goals – but be flexible 
  • Be prepared to change course if necessary
  • Have a makeover
  • Move house
  • Get a new career
  • Start a relationship
  • Make sure you have time to relax –this is important
  • Be positive about your achievements and abilities 

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