N umerology Introduction

Numbers play an essential integral part in life

Number is the ruler of types and ideas and it is cause of the divine and angelic progressions.

– Pythagoras​

Numerology for Self-Discovery

The date when we born and the name given at the birth carry out the code of our mission and destiny.  Numerology provides direct knowledge of the inner self and from this basis of self-understanding, we are able to direct a determined course through life.

Numerology for Prediction

Flow of Life. Even though numerology isn’t so specific that it can predict the actions you will take when faced with certain circumstances, it will provide an accurate indication of what the circumstances themselves may be, so you know what to expect. This is valuable information to keeps you one step ahead of the game.

Numerology for Perfection

Each number has certain concrete connections with the material world. These substances have a vibration that harmonies and can help a number to be expressed and bring out its best, or it can make up for the number we short. Understand the Relationships compatibility, nature substance like crystals, colors, followers can assist us achieve what we desire to be.

The Best Experience Ever

"I was blessed to discover Numerology. Or it discovered me. There is no such thing as coincidence. I had my first reading in China and it was phenomenal. It literally changed my life and perception of everything. Not only was my reading extraordinary accurate and empowering, it is also guided me to have better understanding of others, Business, Family and even Parenting. When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. Numerology becomes my lifelong interest and it will introduce and inspire me to higher achievements."
Numerology Learner
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