Relationships with other people are the most important elements in the lives. Numerology can help us to understand each other, better use to improve partnership, business, and parenting.  

Relationships exist on many levels. As individuals we are complex enough, and this is doubled or even tripled when we start to couple / partner with another person. Our own numerology profile influences what we expect from and give to any relationship and it also determines our ideas about relationships themselves. 

Different types of relationships will evoke different aspects of your personality. Numerology does not determine whether a relationship will, or will not, work out. What it can do is to give us an idea of the easy and difficult elements and show us what we are dealing with.

Life Path Number Compatibility Chart

Some numbers seem to blend together easily and with little friction, and other numbers seem to be rubbing against the grain for you, there are no absolutes or ideals that you should be seeking. You can use the guide below to quickly compare two individual Life path numbers.

Relationship Compatibility Reading

Our Life Path number, although considered one of the most important numbers within our Numerological Chart, is but one of the few CORE numbers that can be used to evaluate our overall compatibility. These CORE numbers include the Destiny number, Soul number, the Personality number and the birthday number.

Along with your Life Path number, the Relationship Compatibility Reading analyzes these Core numbers and evaluates their potential for a long term relationship. It points out the different personality traits you possess, and how compatible they are with those of your current, or potential, partner. It goes on to help you identify those properties that are, at least to some extent, not compatible, and suggests how to prevent them from damaging, or dominating, your relationship.

The comprehensive reading is also tailored to different types of relationships you are inquiring for.

Compatibility as a Lover and a Life Partner

There are numerous things that come into play and determine whether or not a couple is compatible. Some couples seem to have amazing chemistry… what’s your story? How compatible are you and your partner? Discover if you are made for each other thanks to numerology compatibility and a complete analysis of your Core personal numbers.

Compatibility as a Friend

One of the most beautiful qualities of true friendship is to understand and to be understood. The strong bond of friendship is not always a balanced equation; friendship is not always about giving and taking in equal shares. Instead, friendship is grounded in a feeling that you know exactly who will be there for you when you need something, no matter what or when. Numerology can help us understand better and how to be the friend.

Compatibility as a Business Partner

Every Business starter, hope for more profits and growth in our business and move ahead in life. An important aspect that determines the success of your business relationship. Analyzing the compatibility between you and your business partners, employees, your boss or customers, find out your chances to have a good business relationship and how to make it work to achieve better outcome.

Parents and Children

Well, unlike other relationships we have choices to pursue. Parents and children are gifted relationship that we need to carry on and have to work it out. Numerology helps us better understand the relationship. As a parent to bring the best out of our kids, make them realize their potential and achieve their life purpose. As a child, understand our parents’ need and the circles they are in. Bring the mutual understanding and   harmony in family. 

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