Numbers 0 - 3

Number 0 – Emptiness and Nothingness

We don’t work with Zero in the same way as we do with other numbers, but it is helpful to remember that all flows from it and towards it. It is melting pot of memories and future creation. It forms the unknowable juncture where one cycle ends and another begins. Zero is also an eye that looks forwards and backwards, seeing all but able to influence nothing. 

Zero is not much used in numerology. It does not have a specific vibration because it is all vibrations and no vibrations at all. However, Zero does have a value to us as individuals and as a collective. The essence of Zero is the goal of many forms of meditation, and working with this symbol can refine your reflective powers. Entering the lens of Zero from time to time enables you to withdraw and evaluate where you are in preparation for a fresh initiative. Zero reminds you that you are faced with completion and infinte possiblity. 

Number 1 – The Independent Individual

Number 1’s are individual and unique, and often stand out from the crowd. Because they tend to walk a path less traveled, they have their own way of doing things that may not conform to the norm. Their “individuality” and “uniqueness” are their greatest sources of empowerment. They are also the key to their success. When 1’s have the courage to be different or to express a different viewpoint without requiring the approval of others, they are well on their way to standing in their full power and improving their quality of life.
Number 1’s are self-motivated and self-reliant. They are natural leaders who don’t like taking orders and prefer to be in charge. If they can’t make their own decisions they may strive toward a position of authority or simply work alone. Many 1’s have executive and administration abilities and prefer to be in management or to be self-employed. They are often drawn to innovative and creative fields of employment in which they can initiate projects or assume a leadership role. Life is a journey of self-discovery for all of us, but for 1s, it’s their life purpose. Self-awareness, along with an understanding of how they relate to others, is their main area in need of focus in this life.

Interesting fact
When living in the positive, 1’s are gifted and innovative thinkers with extremely creative fertile minds. By using creative visualization to direct their powerful thoughts toward the accomplishment of their goals, they can manifest their dreams with greater ease.

Number 1’s make fantastic:
Business owners, managers, supervisors, executives, and team leaders; designers, inventors, creators, and ideas people; life coaches; property and real-estate professionals. 1’s are happiest when they’re self-employed, work in a position of authority, or work autonomously.

Top 5 strengths
• Pioneering
• Courageous
• Innovative
• Self-motivated
• Determined

Top 5 challenges
• Impatient
• Intolerant
• Controlling
• Competitive
• Aggressive

Number 2 – The Cooperative Peacemaker

Number 2’s are cooperative peacemakers, who have a natural ability to comfort and heal people, animals, and the environment around them. Even though they may be a little insecure and shy until they feel comfortable in their surroundings, they are likeable and genuine, and very easy to get along with. They are natural counselors, who are understanding of people and their problems. This is why they often play a counseling role in their personal lives and/or career.
2’s are peaceful and agreeable by nature and will avoid an argument at any costs, often sacrificing their own needs in the process. Therefore, learning to value themselves by putting themselves first is one of their greatest life lessons. Because this doesn’t come easily to them, they usually give more than they receive. They may get taken advantage of or end up with the short end of the stick. Once they have the courage to assert themselves and say “no,” they are well on their way to standing in their full power and improving their quality of life.

Interesting fact
Number 2’s prefer being part of a twosome rather than being on their own, and they thrive when in a mutually loving relationship. They are emotionally sensitive as well as sensitive to negative energy, so they require a healthy and harmonious environment at all times.

2’s make fantastic:
Counselors, mediators, negotiators, and therapists; healers, energy workers, massage therapists, and health professionals; administrators, secretaries, and assistants; teachers, analysts, auditors, and accountants.

Top 5 strengths
• Harmonious
• Intuitive
• Loving
• Supportive
• Understanding

Top 5 challenges
• Moody
• Hypersensitive
• Insecure
• Jealous
• Indecisive

Number 3 – The Self-expressive Creator

Number 3’s are natural entertainers who love to express their many talents and abilities. They have a good sense of humor and enjoy being around people. They’re happiest when they’re being creative, uplifting, or entertaining an audience – or simply making others laugh. Some 3’s are artistically gifted where others are gifted with words (written and/or spoken). However, learning to use their words in a “positive” way to empower and inspire, as opposed to criticize, gossip, or complain, is one of their greatest lessons.
Self-expression – whether it’s artistic, kinesthetic, verbal or conceptual – is their key to happiness. When they express themselves using their hands, bodies, words, visions, and ideas, they improve their overall wellbeing and quality of life. Due to the scattered energy of number 3, many 3’s can lack discipline and be disorganized, inconsistent, and changeable. Therefore extra effort is required to achieve mental, emotional, physical, and financial stability and order.

Interesting fact
When a 3-person has a number 4 and/or a number 8 among their seven Personality Numbers, they may not be as artistic as a typical 3 would be without a 4 or an 8. It isn’t uncommon for the left-brain nature of the 4 and the 8 to diminish the artistic aspect of the 3.

3’s make fantastic:
Artists, actors, and entertainers; writers, speakers, and teachers; salespeople, flight attendants, and shop assistants; interior designers, therapists, and chefs; hair, make-up and clothing stylists.

Top 5 strengths
• Humorous
• Imaginative
• Creative
• Friendly
• Charismatic

Top 5 challenges
• Scattered
• Critical
• Melodramatic
• Attention-seeking
• Gossipy

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