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The number of your house is a very important number – it is literally “where you live”. Add the digits of your house number until you have reduced them to a single digit: for example, 45=4+5=9, 907=9+0+7=16=1+6=9. If your house has no number then turn the letters of the name into digits and dd them/reduce them as for your name. 

If you live in a flat, you will also be influenced by the number of the building. 

This is house is a simulating environment for creativity and enterprise. it could suit a dynamic person working from home, or anyone with strength and originality. People who are determined, individualistic and self-motivated thrive here, and find success. There is an upbeat atmosphere, with something interesting always going on. 

Avoid trying too hared to make everyone share and mingle. Each person needs their own space in this house, because it encourages independence.

The atmosphere here is welcoming and sociable, and the kettle is always on the boil. this house suits polite, charming people who enjoy entertaining. Cooperation is the key, and care needs to be taken not to overlook anything. A minimalist decor suits the peaceful ambiance. It is a great place to have meetings, for agreement is likely. 

Avoid clutter. It will make people imitable and spoil the mood, because this house only functions well when everything is harmonious. Ugly ornaments are out. 

This is a cheerful home that encourages celebration. It is good for artistic and creative people, and always seems to be full of sunshine. It is especially favorable for large families and easily creates a romantic ambiance, as long as everyone is honest and faithful, and brings out the extravagant side of its inhabitants.

Avoid trying to be too serious, or very tidy. To do this would be to stifle the light-hearted atmosphere of this house.

Common sense is the word in this house. It favors a practical approach and calls for all family members to do their bit. Routine is encouraged and security fostered. It may be a good home from which to build up a business. Respect from neighbor and the community is readily achievable here.

Avoid leaving doors and windows open and flapping, even when you are at home, because this house functions best when it is very secure and organized. of r the same reason keep up with any maintenance and gardening that needs doing. 

This is a hive of activity, where routines go out of the window and the furniture is constantly rearranged. The pace can be crazy, with lots of comings and goings and a host of interesting things being done at any given time. Children thrive here, and so do pets. This is a modern home that welcomes progressive views. 

Avoid trying to be too quiet – it just is not what this house is meant for. So for solitude, go for a walk. unless a grandparent is very lively, having them moved in is a bad idea. 

This home creates an ambiance of ‘belongs’, with family ties and a sense of community being all-important. Traditions are respected and much care is devoted to bringing up children. Cooperation and pulling together are the keynote. Caring and sharing are encouraged, together with a sense of responsibility for the neighborhood. There is always a welcome on the mat. 

Avoid neglecting decor and housework and don’t get rid of heirlooms or things that the children make., because a sense of family, dignity and continuity are essential to this house. 

Solitude and study are favored by this home, which creates a calm, deep atmosphere that is good for meditating. Anyone who seeks wisdom finds shelter here, and strength and independence are favored. This home can be a haven of peace for those disillusioned with the world, who like their own company and want a chance to probe below the surface of life.

Avoid trying to have the ‘party of the year’ in this house, because its air of peacefulness could manifest as a wet blanket. Gaudy colors, barking dogs and loud music won’t feel right, for the same reason. 

This home is a good ‘base’ for people with responsibility and a position to uphold in the community. Nothing but the best will do – this home likes to create an impression. Usually this is a very well-run home, and a thriving business can be build up here, especially if it is community -oriented. It favors confident, controlled people who know what they want.

Avoid tatty curtains, tacky ornaments and rubbish in the front garden. Don’t let external paintwork deteriorate, because this house gives greatest security when it is in perfect shape. 

Here is the place for broad-mindedness, compassion and tolerance. Waifs, strays and differing ethnic backgrounds are welcome, and this home calls for high-mindedness and deep understanding. it is a house that expands mental and physical horizons, welcoming lovers of the arts and all types of beauty, and encouraging idealism and integrity. 

Avoid turning away surprise guests (unless impossible), because this house feels happiest with a humanitarian approach and plenty going on. Don’t run a business here, unless it is artistic or charitable – the atmosphere is too bohemian for it to succeed. 

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