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Car Number Related to the Way We Travel

Your Car number is one of the most important numbers in your life. It relates obviously to the way you travel., the smoothness with which you can run your errands, and your safety. No numbers are ‘dangerous’, so don’t be alarmed. But it is worthwhile noting how well your care number harmonizes with your own numbers , especially your Personality, life path and soul numbers, because often when we get behind the wheel we revert to a more instinctual self. 

How to Calculate?
These are three numbers that affects your car. Let us use SA124G as an example. 

First is the overall number- you arrive at this by totaling the digits and the corresponding letter values 

1+1+1+2+4+7=16, 1+6=7

Second is the total of the numbers only:


Third is the total of the letters only:


The numbers are the most obvious and reflect the way other drivers see you. the total of the letters reflects the purposes and types of journey, while the overall number – the most important – tells you  about the identity of the car. Of course, the car is an inanimate objects and does not have a ‘ personality’, But everything that is created has its own unique vibration, and the numbers pinned to your care have a frequency, If you are not happy with this, you can buy your own personalize number plate, which may change your luck. 

Very Single mined, this relates to a motorist who may not have much time for ditherers and slow drivers. Always on a mission, your driving is probably very efficient and your concentration good, but be careful that this number dos not put you under stress. play relaxing music and make yourself thing about the things you have achieved already. 

This number influences you to thing about other drivers a little too much. You may be a considerate driver, but worrying about the persons coming up behind you can make you nervous. You may often be involved in ferrying  friend or family member around; you should remember to think of your own interests and not get too tired. 

Driving is fun and you can enjoy the sense of movement – you may go out  a lot for entertainment. It may suit this care to be customized, or flamboyant in some way, making other drivers take notice. then you can give them a smile, to make the day go more happily for everyone. While driving you may get creative inspiration, so keep a notebook or dictaphone with you to record this when you stop. 

you probably own a well-maintained car, for your practically is paramount, and you have a strong sense of the importance of getting from A to B. this car is good for carrying shopping, DIY equipment and anything useful, as well as for routine journeys. Try not to worry too much about keeping it clean. You could take this car too seriously and having fun won’t put you in danger – in fact being relaxed can bring safely. 

The temptation here is to do other things while you drive. make sure that you have a hands-free mobile phone, because you are sure to be tempted to gossip when behind the wheel. Sometimes you could get irritable while driving, at other times you will be happily distracted by a million thoughts or lively music. Like three, you should have a notepad or Dictaphone handy to pull over and record your ideas. Don’t forget to concentrate on driving safely.

Great for a family car, going on outings or doing anything that is connected to the community. You will want to seating to be comfy – a seven-seater is grate with this number as you can pile in more people. you may also find you are involved in charity works – it is a good number for the helping professions. Soothing music will help as you drive. 

There is a risk that you could be distracted and go off into a world of your own – you may even find that you end up at the wrong destination because you mind was on  higher things. A navigation device will really help you. However, the great thin is that you often find the right place by intuition. Driving can take you to other worlds, as you enjoy the scenery.

It is very important for you to drive well, and you may be tempted to try to teach others how to do it – for example, pointedly going back into the inner lane on motorways every time you overtake, which can be dangerous. Calm down, while in the car you will need to be in contact with people that matter – as with Five, a hands-free phone is essential for you, and all the technology to make you efficient. You will feel best in this car if the model is impressive. 

Driving may seem a waste of time, but you can make it count by playing podcast that teach you something. It is important for this car to be as environment-friendly as possible. Giving lifts and car sharing will make it all feel more worthwhile. 

Explore your number!

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