Learning from the Others

Obviously, we could not come out the numerology global on our own. We did a lot of research and study from the numerologist around the global. We absorb their handwork and consolidated into this website. 

  1. 标题:生命数字密码,作者: 苏醒 出版社: 文艺出版社
    副标题: 总有一个数字掌控着你的命运
    出版年: 2011-3-25
  2. Title: The complete book of numerology : discovering the inner self / David A. Phillips, PH.D.
    Creator/Contributor: Phillips, David A., author
    Edition: 8th edition.
  3. Title: The art of numerology : a practical guide to uncover your destiny / edited by Anna Southgate.
    Creator/Contributor: Southgate, Anna, editor
    Publisher: New York : Sterling Ethos, [2016]
  4. Title: The numerology bible : the definitive guide to the power of numbers / Teresa Moorey.
    Creator/Contributor: Moorey, Teresa
    Publisher: Alresford : Godsfield, 2012.
  5. Title: Numerology made easy [electronic resource] / Hilary H Carter.
    Creator/Contributor: Carter, Hilary H.
    Publisher: 2012.
  6. Title: Numerology made easy [electronic resource] : Discover Your Future, Life Purpose and Destiny from Your Birth Date and Name / Michelle Buchanan.
    Creator/Contributor: Buchanan, Michelle
    Publisher: 2018.

Any authors and people we reference to, we own you a big a thank you. You are our teacher and guide along the Numerology Road. Don’t hesitate reach out to us if you want us to make changes on the contents.


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